Posted by ED on February 05, 2004 at 19:08:18:
DO you want best or cheapest?

The concrete-cutting contractor is the best and most expensive. He does the work and normally takes away all the rubble, etc.

The jackhammer is next and a lot cheaper if you do the work. But it is ALSO HARD LABOR! And you get to take care of the rubble and the dirt! You will have alot of it if the trench is more than
five feet (5 X 2)!

The hammer drill, chipping hammer option is only good for jobs of about three feet (3 X 2) or less. It also is a hard job! And much more time-consuming than a heavy duty electric jack-hammer.

Contrary to seeing it done on a video for example, a sledge is NOT an option except for the smallest of break-throughs especially for 4 inch hardened concrete slab floor.

If you do this work yourself, be VERY CAREFUL not to hit any stack that goes into the floor that you would tie into below the floor. Generally you will not hit the pipes below the floor as they are about a foot deep in newer construction. There's a slab 4" followed by 4" of gravel. However, no pun intended, that is not carved in stone!

Lots of great info - many thanks. However, did not see a specific question regarding the best/prefered method for breaking the basement concrete slab in order to lay in the DVW lines for the shower, toilet etc.

: I recognize that swinging the sledge is not an option -too old/not enough head room, but grateful for advice on cutting vs jack hammer.

: Cleaner cut with the saw and less dust but is the jack a way to start.
: Many thanks

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