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Posted by ED on February 05, 2004 at 18:39:41:
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You must run a flexible conduit with the wires inside. That's code. Generally a tank type WH runs
240V 30Amp (Double breaker). You also need to run #10 AWG wires for 30 amps - this is VERY important. Make sure your panel can handle the extra load. "Normally" not a problem.

If you pick up a How-to book on plumbing and or electrical, they can outline and illustrate the process.

Be VERY CAREFUL if you attempt to work in your Service Panel, the current can and will kill if abused!

: : Hi, I want to replace my old electric hot water tank with a new one. I have soldered pipe before so that's not the problem but is it easy to do the wiring. I have done basic wiring in the house before. I am going to pull the covers off the tank tonight to see how it is wired. Is this a job I could do myself.

: : Thanks

: Soldering will probably give you a tougher time than the wiring. You should have conduit that goes into the top of the tank. There is a small well there with a cover for the wires.
: Deb
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