Re: Gas line to be run thru 2" PVC DWV in slab for island cooktop
Posted by hj on February 05, 2004 at 09:24:57:
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There are very stringent requirements for the gas line to an island range, and just slipping a piece of CSST flex through the PVC is not one of them. The first requirement is that it cannot be a propane gas line under any circumstances. The second is that the PVC has to have a gas tight seal to the gas pipe inside it at both ends. The third requirement is that the PVC have a fresh air vent to direct any potential leak to the outdoors where it can easily be detected. And forth, both the gas line and the PVC have to be individually tested for air tightness. The fifth requirement is that your city allow the underfloor gas pipe in a PVC sleeve. One city here does not allow it and requires a concrete trough in the floor with sand filling and a steel plate on top.
: Hello

: Have a 1999 build slab foundation home, island kitchen, currently with Elec cooktop. Has a empty 2" PVC pipe run from side of house through slab to the island for the purpose of installing a gas line.

: Wash room off kitchen has gas line.

: Current plan is to remove drywall in wash room and use dryer line (3/4" iron) and T off, keeping inbetween studs. drill brick, route through the outside of the house. Seal hole with foam. Use Iron gas pipe to get to the ground. Dig trench and lay iron pipe along it. Come up to PVC pipe with Iron, then as close as possible, switch to that Yellow plastic flex line. Shove that through the PVC to the island.

: Questions:

: Any tricks to doing the plastic flex line? Its hard to find, but I located a place that sells it and fittings. Although not a lic. plumber I've read a lot of books and replumbed an entire house gas line before, so I'm familiar with doing this stuff and testing for leaks, etc. Pretty straight forward.

: Do I need to use any covering on the gas line above/ below ground level? Other homes have a tape wrap above ground. This is in Houston, where weather is pretty mild as far as cold goes.

: If I T off for a gas grill and have the capped end underground (grill added later), would it make sense to use plastic/brass or the iron pipe?

: Thanks,

: DD