Re: Gas line to be run thru 2" PVC DWV in slab for island cooktop
Posted by Bartman on February 05, 2004 at 00:28:18:
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DD - Here in WA you must be certified to install the flex pipe. I'm not a plumber by trade, but I did do a lot of high pressure test and instrument lines on nuke subs back in the USN, in addition to wiring, mech. work etc. Being a PE helps too. With that, I did find a shop that would sell the flex line and fittings to me after they trained me on assembly and testing. It's not much different from Swagelok type fittings. I ended up using black iron pipe when I added a gas cooktop in my place, but I'm not on a slab.

I've dug up a lot of steel pipe at the power plant where I work, and even though we have non-agressive soil and very low moisture, plus active cathodic protection, the stuff pretty much rots away without a good, continuous protective coating. I would not use bare black iron for buried gas pipe anywhere in the country. Has nothing to do with temperature. It must be well coated. In fact, a nick (holliday) in the coating is worse than no coating at all, since the corrosion will be focused at the holliday.

Metal gas pipe must be coated with primer, spiral wrapped with approved tape, and buried at least 12" down. Some areas require undergorund ferrrous pipe be electrically isolated from the rest of the gas system with an approved isolation fitting installed a minimum of 6 inches above grade. Non-metallic pipe must be installed with AWG 18 (or larger) tracer wire and buried at least 18". Installation must be pressure tested to 10 psi and hold with no leaks for at least 10 minutes.

Anyway, only you know your capabilities. Don't cut corners; always get a permit and have your work inspected.

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