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Posted by Todd Matthews on February 04, 2004 at 19:43:10:
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Deb, what's with the attitude???
You obviously didn't understand my issue - I told you clearly in my message that my pump is only capable of 60psi output. I now know (through trial and error)that I cannot get the pressure I need to my house with a pump of this size. I have since had to purchase a pump capable of pumping out more pressure to get the 50psi I wanted at my house (pressure switch set to 30/50, pressure tank at my house). Next time, quit with the snide opening remarks...your re: posting didn't tell me any more than the original!

: : : : I recently installed a new 3/4 hp jet pump and pressure tank to replace the very old system I had. I run off a shallow well (approx 15 ft deep). Right now the well, pump and pressure tank are located about 50-60 feet (vertically) below the house, the total distance being probably 150 feet or so away. I have set my pressure switch to 40/60 and have adjusted the pressure in my pressure tank to 38psi when empty. The pump is cuurently working properly according to that setting (on at 40psi, off at 60psi) however this doesn't supply adequate pressure to the house. At 60psi, the entire house gets water, however as the pressure drops, the upper floor loses pressure. Near the 40psi mark, there is no water flowing from the faucets on the upper floor. What can I do to correct this problem? I cannot increase the pressure at the pump as 60 psi is max. Do I need a more powerful pump? Can I move my pressure tank up the hill to my house? Any help would be appreciated

: : : You lose almost a half pound of pressure per foot of vertical rise, so you by the time it climbs 60' vertically, you have lost about 30 lbs of pressure. Relocate the tank to the house. Make sure that your pump is capable of the extra vertical rise.
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: : My pump has the ability to kick out 60 psi - according to your info (1/2 lb lost per ft rise)does this mean that the maximum I would be able to pressurize my tank if it were up at the house is 30psi??? I have been told that I could mount a 3/4 hp submersible pump into the well that is capable of up to 150psi...Is that a better option?
: : If I went with that option, could I leave the pressure tank where it is or would it still be better to move it?

: Let's start over, since you are obviously not getting what I am telling you.
: You are going to need to move the pressure tank, switch, etc. The vertical rise of 50-60 feet to the house causes you to loose 25 to 30 lbs of pressure. You have another 10 feet or so for the 2nd story--you lose another 5 lbs of pressure. You will not be able to buy a pressure switch that gives you more than 60 lbs of pressure at your tank, so unless you move the tank to higher ground, you will have this pressure loss. If the tank is moved to the house (and the pump is capable of pumping to that vertical rise), you can get the 60 lbs.
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