Sewer Cleanout Test Plug
Posted by Ken on February 04, 2004 at 16:18:26:
I have a cleanout at thecrawl space, after using it to clear a clog, I have trouble sealing the cleanout with the old test plug. The clean out is galvanized (I think). The insider diameter is 1.5" and the outside diameter is about 2". The old test plug was a standard 2" test plug. I tried to expand the plastic washer to seal using even a wrench by tighting the wing nut unitl I hurt and I am still off by a bit.

I bought a new 2" test plug, same problem. The next size is 3" test plug from home depot and lowes which is too big to fit in. Is there a 2.5" test plug or can I apply some compound to seal the cleanout? Thanks for your advice.

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