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Posted by Hube on February 04, 2004 at 13:55:46:
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: Just move into a new house that was built 5 months ago. I notice a sewer type smell outside. This smell comes and goes and is pretty stinky. the smell is outside by the septic system however it appears to be stronger on the deck which is over the septic tank. There are no wet spots on the ground I also notice a strong smell by the vent pipe when i was hanging xmas ligts. the house does not have a carbon filter on the vent pipe.

: Does carbon filters work?
: Do sewer gases rise or fall?
: Any other suggestions?
:BILL: What your probably smelling is the odor from the roof vent. Some times ,depending on the location of the house a "downdraft" can occur and send this odor down to near ground level. Raising the vent stack 2' or so can sometimes correct this problem. To the best of my knowledge I dont,t think a carbon filter will do anything to eliminate this roof vent odor that originates in the septic system.Maybe some other posters will have some input. Good luck, Hube

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