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Posted by einstein on February 04, 2004 at 11:45:23:
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: : : : Do the septic tank additves that claim to be good preventive measures to dissolve solids actually work?
: : : : Will they harm? I know you plumbers out there just say no to drano and that type of stuff. Is this in that catagory? I don't have drain problems ----yet.
: : : : Thanks, einstein
: : : A properly installed septic tank should need no additives at all. Periodic "pumpouts" are advised every 3-5 years(depending on the number of users) to remove any solids that do not break down. Also, cutting down on the use of detergents, soap, garbage, will avoid frequent pumpouts. Use a quality toilet tissue that will break down easily when wet. Good luck, Hube

: : :Hube , OK Thats the right way to keep your tank working- But I am asking "will it help at all to a tank that is due for a pump but no signs yet of a meltdown, and I don't have the bucks to pump for a while" Whats your opinion on that question? Anybody? Thanks , Einstein
: Bernard; There is no MAGIC cure to eliminate the solids that are already in the tank. This is where the saying "pay me now or pay me later" comes in... Actually its "pump me now or install new Field Bed later." A $ spent now will save $$$$ later. Hope this helps. Hube

:Hube--My wife said "what did Hube say now?" I said we have to suck it up and suck it up. She says I can have her portion. I thought I would share that with you. Thanks for advice, Einstein

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