Moving a basement toilet drain over a few feet... need help!
Posted by Mike Kennicutt on February 04, 2004 at 10:41:02:
I am completely refinishing my basement (gutted it out and starting from scratch). The design of my new larger bathroom (there was an existing bathroom) requires me to move the toilet drain to the left about 3 feet. The existing toilet drain goes straight down for about 24" and then bends out to the wall and into the back yard where I presume it meets the sewer line at some point or joins my main house line. I want to move the toilet to the left, and my question is how deep should the new pipe go straight down before it goes to the right to join the old pipe? Can it just immediately elbow to the right as long as I use the 1/4" per foot slope? I could actually have quite a bit steeper slope if that is better but I read that 1/4" per foot was the minimum. Also, can I just cap off the existing pipe above where my new pipe joins it?