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Posted by Bartman on February 03, 2004 at 22:05:15:
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Joan - As you know, water hammer is caused by the rapid acceleration (or decelertaion) of a moving water stream, resulting in a pressure pulse in the system. The water is flowing at some rate and then is rapidly shut off (such as a washing machine solenoid or wc tank fill float valve). The sudden deceleration sends a pressure pulse through the system and can cause tremendous force. We had an 8" pipe hanger rip out of a concrete wall at the plant where I work due to water hammer, caused by a system startup on a partly evacuated system.

Did you install air chambers or water hammer arrestors in your system? I use 1/2" copper pipe for all branch lines (sinks, toilet fill, etc.) I install an 18" long capped off vertical 3/4" diameter pipe as close to each fixture as possible and I can't get water hammer if I try. When you replaced the pipes, did you use smaller pipe? Do you have push/pull type sink valves that allow rapid shutoff?

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