Re: Old radiator leaking
Posted by CJ on February 03, 2004 at 16:31:23:
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Well, it's still leaking. Just a little seepage that's controlled by wrapping a towel around it. I think evaporation is also helping because of the heat.
I hope I don't need to hire somebody now to drain the system, work on the pipe/valve, & then refill. (I'd rather wait until spring unless it's too risky to wait.)
Thanks! - CJ

: Stop the leak by tightening the hex nut.

: : My old(1925) radiators have a round handle that controls the heat. I almost never touch these, some are painted over. It was too hot upstairs & too cold/drafty downstairs, so I tried to turn down one of the upstairs radiators. It started to leak slightly at the hex nut on the valve, about 4" above floor level. Turning the handle back where it was had no effect on the leak.

: : Is there something I can do short-term to stop the leak before the downstairs ceiling is damaged? And what does the permanent repair involve? Right now, I'm afraid I'll make the leak worse by moving the valve.

: : I would like to be able to adjust all the radiators. Is this likely to happen again with the other ones?

: : Thanks.

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