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Posted by einstein on February 03, 2004 at 14:06:17:
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: : Do the septic tank additves that claim to be good preventive measures to dissolve solids actually work?
: : Will they harm? I know you plumbers out there just say no to drano and that type of stuff. Is this in that catagory? I don't have drain problems ----yet.
: : Thanks, einstein
: A properly installed septic tank should need no additives at all. Periodic "pumpouts" are advised every 3-5 years(depending on the number of users) to remove any solids that do not break down. Also, cutting down on the use of detergents, soap, garbage, will avoid frequent pumpouts. Use a quality toilet tissue that will break down easily when wet. Good luck, Hube

:Hube , OK Thats the right way to keep your tank working- But I am asking "will it help at all to a tank that is due for a pump but no signs yet of a meltdown, and I don't have the bucks to pump for a while" Whats your opinion on that question? Anybody? Thanks , Einstein

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