tileing over shower base
Posted by cornelius chiu on February 03, 2004 at 14:03:30:
I have a two quick questions: I would like to tile over an existing terrazzo shower base but wonder if the shower drain can be extended to fit the new material around it (approx half inches height increase). Do I just unscrew the drain cover to remove it and then how do I install it back on the drain after tiling over the base to compensate for the increased height. Second, I would like to have a new whirlpool installed (drop in) and an old one removed. The drain location for the new whirlpool is in a different location then the old one. Do I have to have to call in a plumber to move the drain or can I extend it in some way with piping to have water empty into the old drain location? Thanks so much for you help!


Cornelius Chiu

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