Plugged line
Posted by Gary Bates on February 03, 2004 at 13:36:50:
Hi Terry,
I have very low hot water flow to my kitched faucet. The cold water runs just fine. This has been occuring sporadically for several years but it happens in all seasons. I have changed the faucet but it still does it. All other hot water faucets in the house work fine. Because we live in a modular house with a subfloor and a crawl space, the plumbing is not visible and hard to get at without opening random holes in the flooring from the crawl space. Is it possible to apply back pressure to the hot water line at the faucet to push what ever is plugging the line so it might go back into the water heater and then drain the water heater or do you have another solution? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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