Re: venting a basement bathroom
Posted by nicktheplumber on February 02, 2004 at 23:40:15:
In response to Re: venting a basement bathroom
hj's answer is excellent and describes the situation exactly. The codes prohibit using a "wet vent" to vent your basement bathroom fixtures, and no residential plumbing inspector will approve your set-up. The best solution would be to run a separate vent from these fixtures up through the roof.

That being said, your system will probably work well, especially if your shared vent stack is "oversized," which will allow it to both drain and vent adequately. I do work on multistory commercial and residential buildings, and the fact is that the building codes for these do allow for shared waste/vent stacks. These stacks are, however, are large in diameter, larger than the usual 3"-4" stacks found in most residential homes.

The AAV is something to consider, and the IRC may permit it. You might even think of using AAVs in combination with your vent tie-in, just to help assure that the set-up will work, even if it's not code-approved...


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