Comode flushing
Posted by Gene Garzone on February 01, 2004 at 14:35:43:
Hi, The toilet in my master bedroom will not pull waste out of the bowl when flushing. It is a full size toilet, built in 1973. When flushing, the water flows freely from the tank and begions a good swirl in the bowl. Often, heavy waste (if you know what I mean) is pulled out, however, when flushing with just paper or liquid waste in the bowl, nothing but a lot of swirling takes place. I have had the unit off it's base, and snaked down the drain. All there appears to be clear. I also cut into the main vent pipe above the comode (I'm in the process of doing some remodeling) and see no obstructions. I can dump a couple gallons of water directly into the bowl, and usually get it to pull waste out that way. I did notice that when flushiing, some water does flow down the vent pipe to the laundry room below. I also noticed when it does pull waste out, there is often a knocking in the wall. My thoughts are it's vacuum related, but since the vent pipe is clear, I'm lost for what to do next. Any suggestions. Thanks, Gene

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