another gurgling/odor question
Posted by beth on February 01, 2004 at 10:10:14:

I've read through all the posts that have gurgling and odor in the subject line, but haven't found one that addresses my question.

All the drains in my house recently began to gurgle and make a sucking sound when the washer drains. It happens about 3/4 of the time we run the washer.

Last night, in the middle of the night when no one was using any of the plumbing, the drains in my house made a loud enough gurgling/sucking noise to wake us up. This happened twice. Immediately afterward, a strong sewer smell filled the entire house. I got up and discovered the smell was coming out of the kitchen drains. It didn't come out of any other drains, even though they made the same sound.

My first thought was to check the septic tanks to see if they were full. We've had a run of cold weather and I thought maybe the mound had frozen. I did that this morning. The tanks are fine...the level is where I've been told it should be, and system seems to be pumping.

Any thoughts on what this is? From the other posts I read, it sounds like sewer gas is entering the house, but I'm not sure why, since the septic isn't backing up.

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