Re: Droplets from toilet base appears on seat after flushing.
Posted by LonnythePlumber on February 01, 2004 at 09:47:38:
In response to Re: Droplets from toilet base appears on seat after flushing.
: : : : This problem probably occurs because of splashing and toilet design.
: : : : I am replacing my current toilet with a KOHLER
: : : : San Raphael Buscuit color model # 3466 elongated.
: : : : Does any one that have a San Raphael have NO drops or SOME drops appear after flushing on the toilet seat.
: : : : Thanks in advance for your responses and possible toilet recomendations that does not have
: : : : the above problem.

: : : Reply:
: : : Very few toilets will do what yours is doing. It is most likely because of the design of your existing toilet or possibly even an obstruction inside the toilets trapway preventing proper evacuation. Did you run a closet auger through it?
: : : Good Luck. e-plumber
: : Dear e-plumber,
: : Thanks for your suggestion - but what is a closet auger !

: Reply:
: It is a hand held "snake" specifically for clearing a toilet stoppage without damaging the bowl. Something could be causing turbulence within the toilet. But if the problem has been ongoing, it is more than likely a toilet design problem.
: e-plumber

It could be that the refill tube inside the tank has come loose and is splashing against the lid. Remove the lid, flush, and observe. If your face gets wet then you know the source.
Note: Don't try this with a sewage ejector.

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