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Posted by Deb on January 31, 2004 at 11:26:27:
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: : How far can a toilet be moved from vent stack, or can i run 1= 3" toilet and 1 1/2 sink with 1 1/2 vent.

: : Thank You Ray

: I have a similar question that I have not been able to find an answer to. In the basement, if I stay close to the main waste stack, can I install a toilet, sink, and shower without adding a separate vent line? It looks to me that if the toilet is within 5 feet I'm OK, but the sink and shower will need some additional venting in a typical layout. Is there any way to avoid the venting...I hate to start hacking into the cast iron stack.
: Thanks

There is no way to avoid the venting. You cannot tie the vent from a lower floor into the waste stack from an upper floor. Every fixture needs to be vented and this vent needs to extend up through the roof by itself or tie into another vent 6" above the flood rim level of the highest fixture that vent serves. It does not matter how close you are to the stack. This is a waste stack and you cannot tie your vent into it.
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