Big chunk of ice on top of sewer vent on roof
Posted by dwight on January 30, 2004 at 13:14:56:
Hi there,

My wife and I moved into a new house 7 years ago. Last winter we noticed (for the first time) a real strong odor in the master bathroom. Well, after a little hunting, there was a big ice chunk on top of the vent pipe up on the roof. Due to the wad of snow and ice up there, I did not venture up and after a week or so the temperature went up and the ice cleared.

This year, when the temperature went down below -25degrees Celcius, the same thing happened. The cold snap was not as long this year, but after 3 days of this stink, it was getting a little anoying. When I looked at the vent pipe there was a 6-8 inch candle of ice protruding out of the vent, and every other house in the subdivision also had one.

Are there any tips or tricks to prevent this?? I have read about sticking a copper pipe down the vent to absorb the heat, special filters for the top to eliminate smells out in the yard, heat tape, etc. but nothing specific to keeping the ice candle out of the vent pipe.

Any thoughts or assistance would be grateful,


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