Re: Using an S-Trap with my pedestal sink
Posted by nicktheplumber on January 30, 2004 at 01:57:42:
In response to Re: Using an S-Trap with my pedestal sink
Although, as Terry says, the S-trap is not up to code, if you have no other options due to the constrainst of you set up, it MAY be possible to fit an air admittance valve distal to the S-trap. This AAV would, if properly installed, prevent siphonage from the trap.

I am aware that this is an irregular and not code-approved solution, but it should work as a definite improvement on the S-trap design.

FYI, although S-traps for new lavs are "illegal," the codes allow "grandfathering in" existing S-traps, perhaps in recognition of the fact that although this is a sub-optimal design, it CAN work, especially if the original venting system was adequate. With a good existing vent AND a properly installed AAV, the fact is that your S-trapped lav should work just fine, even though I cannot legally recommend it.

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