Re: Responsibility for stuck auger
Posted by nicktheplumber on January 30, 2004 at 01:44:18:
In response to Re: Responsibility for stuck auger
I can understand that you'd be pissed off by the fact that your drains were functioning just fine before you had this guy perform "routine maintenance" by snaking the sewer line.

My own practice is to refuse such requests for "routine" snaking of perfectly functional drains. The reason is that you always run the risk of damaging a line when you snake it. Why run that risk when there is no apparent drainage problem? This is especially true with older clay or Orangeburg pipe, which are especially fragile.

If your plumber is liable for anything, in my opinion it would be that he might have failed to warn you that there was a risk of damaging your previously functional sewer. Sewer snaking, like surgery, is potentially risky. To continue the analogy, you submitted your house to "elective" rather than "necessary" surgery. You ought to have provided "informed consent" for this, ideally in the form of a written contract.

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