Re: Orangeburg Pipe - $4000.00????
Posted by nicktheplumber on January 30, 2004 at 00:47:30:
In response to Re: Orangeburg Pipe - $4000.00????
From what you have described, I would suggest that you get bids from a sewer contractor who uses the "trenchless" technique to replace the sewer pipe. This technique involves digging two pits, at the locations between where you will replace the the 40' sewer pipe segment. The contractor will pull a polyethylene semiflexible sewer pipe through the existing sewer pipe, "bursting" it as it is pulled through. It is a simple technique but requires very expensive equipment. It gives excellent results. The PE pipe is very durable and very impervious to future root penetration. It is much less labor intensive and landscape destructive than digging out an 8' deep 40' long trench.

$4000 is about right for that job here in the SF Bay Area, and seems reasonable if that includes all the necessary tie-ins. But you still should get at least one or two competing estimates.

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