Re: Toilet Problems Since Tapping into City Sewer
Posted by nicktheplumber on January 30, 2004 at 00:29:15:
In response to Re: Toilet Problems Since Tapping into City Sewer
It sounds like your drains do not have adequate venting. The minimum vent diameter depends upon the number of Fixture Units drained. Lavs are 1FU, Tubs/Showers are 2FU, toilets are 3-4FU, and dish/clotheswashers are 2FU. Add 'em all up.I'd guess you need at least a 2" vent, but running a 3"-4" main waste stack up through the roof would be the best. You need to be aware of offset distances from the vent. All of this is well described in the UPC and IRC code books.

In some cases the IRC will let you "get away" with AAVs, but nothing beats the old fashioned venting system for reliability. AAVs are mechanical devices (valves with seals and springs) that can fail and need to be correctly installed.

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