is my faucet wrecked?
Posted by Diane K on January 29, 2004 at 22:20:16:
I recently had a whirlpool tub installed (bathing pool only, no pump) and my faucet is a Porcher Palace Tub Filler (looks like a British telephone). I ordered the faucet from an online home center (about $500) and when the plumber came out to install it he said it needed special connectors, which he did not have. He ended up going to the hardware store and picking up connectors and installing the faucet. It worked fine for about a month and last week I noticed water was dripping off the hot water shank onto the basement floor (the tub is on the first floor). I called the plumber back out to fix the leak and he messed with it for about an hour and said it was a bad casting and that I needed to order a replacement part. He temporarily patched it up so I could use the tub until the part arrived. The faucet is under warranty and a part is on its way but tonight the cold water shank started dripping. Two 'bad casts' on the same faucet seem a bit much. It is leaking right where he attached his connector. My fear is that he 'manhandled' my faucet (his company has ordered a replacement holder for the hand shower because he scratched the finish down to the brass when he tightened it down). Anyone have any idea of how I should proceed with this....

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