Re: Orangeburg Pipe - $4000.00????
Posted by Tubby on January 29, 2004 at 08:47:34:
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General rule, any time someone is in a trench over waist deep they should have shoring in place.
Your going deep so that shoring will be required. You should ask the contractors about this. If they tell you there is no need, or the guys get done so fast, or even the cost of renting the shoring may be mentioned (he will not mention the lawsuit when someone is killed and everyone gets sued)... etc...find someone else that will take the time to do the job right. Doing a job right starts with safety. Professionals know this.

Also ask about who is contacting the dig safe program. There are several names used across the country but this is organization used to locate everything buried in the ground. You will find this usually on the first 2 pages of the telephone book. Water, electrical, telephone, cable, gas, all utilities need to be located and marked. They will spray paint your yard with different colors. The colors mean different utilities, but the contractor should know this. Sometimes, the home owner makes the call, other times the contractor. Regardless no should touch anything in your yard until everything is located and you have all the sign off sheets in your hand. Another one of those liability issues.

Just some info to ask. Good luck with your project.

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