Re: Orangeburg Pipe - $4000.00????
Posted by Tubby on January 28, 2004 at 21:14:54:
In response to Re: Orangeburg Pipe - $4000.00????
Orangeburg pipe is nothing more than paper impregnated with tar that is rooled into pipes. The original wall thickness was about 1/2 inch.
Every time it is cleared with a sewer machine, it removes some of the paper from inside making the wall thinner and more prone to collapsing.

There is no good news here.

Replace immediately now, or within a couple of months. Once it has totally collapsed, you are literally up s*it creek.
Get several bids for the work. Don't have any idea how deep line is or the length of run. Besides, if I would say $4000 is too high, that's for my area, which is pointless for you.

Good luck with your project

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