Re: Thanks for advice on drainage problems!
Posted by e-plumber on January 28, 2004 at 11:51:51:
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: Thanks for the advice you post here for all of us as its very much appreciated! I used some drainage remover but it was using the plunger that helped or did the job. I had to plunge several times and for about 20 pushes as someone kindly recommended here. I kept using the plunger when I would've given up had I not read that advice and hung in there.
: I'm starting to suspect as its been noted here several times that there is something clogging or catching in the drain line. I kept thinking it was frozen somewhere as the problems I've had has only been during very cold temps and only this year (Eastern Long Island).
: Is there any type of drain "cleaner" that I could put in that would remove any build up along the line? Obviously, if this continues I'll call a plumber(Trying to make it to spring). Do they work from the clean out pipe/vent in my garage (on slab)?
: Again,
: Thanks!
: Neelie

Your best bet would be to have the drain line mechanically cleaned by a professional, liquid/crystal drain cleaners could make the problem worse. As for using the pipe in the garage to clean the line would depend on how your piping is layed out.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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