Re: Aerator adapter for Kohler??
Posted by jewels on January 28, 2004 at 10:38:11:
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: I have a Kohler Forte series kitchen faucet. The aerator threads (female 15/16 I believe) are deeply recessed in the spout. This results in any standard swivel aerator not being able to thread into the spout due to the deep recess. I need a male 15/16 by male 55/64 adapter at least 3/4 inch long to be able to adapt the swivel to this faucet. I've not been able to find such a device anywhere. Does this animal exist or should I just return the faucet and get something with a more standard aerator mount?

call 1-800-kohler and ask them to send you an adapter if there is one they will send it to you, probably free too. good luck

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