Re: American Standard Cadet Tank Leak
Posted by cathyrreed on January 28, 2004 at 09:53:41:
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I have used Cadets exclusively in my apartments for years, and have noted their sensitivity to leaks in the bolt gaskets when installed - but the problem is in the installation not the product. Previous designs had the bolts fasted securely to the bottom of the tank with nuts and washers before the tank attaches to the bowl, making a very solid seal. New designs (all manufacturers use them not just the Cadet) haveone long gasket/washer that goes all the way through the hole and kind of shrouds the bolt. It seals okay IF the plumber is careful to tighten the nuts evenly, not allow the bolts to spin and thus break the seal, AND tests for drips for at least an hour once the tank is filled. I put dry paper towels on the floor behind the toilet and come back to check later, sometimes the first drip takes several minutes.
I've recently had another kind of leak in my Cadet tanks that is very alarming: total failure of all gaskets and flapper due to chemical damage from tank cleaners especially Vanish drop-ins. Water is wasted when the flapper starts to leak but the real problem is the leaks from the bottom of the tank. Anybody else suffered property damage from these products? Please contact me,

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