Re: Deep well Jet pump.
Posted by Barry on January 28, 2004 at 09:15:38:
In response to Re: Deep well Jet pump.
Whew! Thanks for all the replys, people. As for the heatshrinked remark, I wasn't aware that I was reinventing how to do it. as I've always tried to double my efforts when it comes to waterproofing an electrical connection. The manual stated that if that connection leaked, the pump would fail. I soldered my wiring as well at the pump before sealing the connection. Something I highly recommend in conjunction with a mechanical connection as well.

This time, however, when I got home, I discovered a wind storm had blown the door open to the well house and the supply lines were frozen. I had them thawed in about 45 minutes and the pump was working fine. Sometimes its the simple things we overlook. I never bothered to ask nor did she bother to tell me that the door was open.

Thanks to you two for your insights.

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