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Posted by Hube on January 28, 2004 at 08:15:10:
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: Ok, first a little background. We have a house with a septic system. Earlier this month was the first time we had the tank pumped since the house was built (18 years). We had been having plumbing problems...and sure enough the tanks were full to the top. It had even popped the top off the pipe (relief valve of some sort) in the ground and sewage was on the ground.

: Now tonight, I washed my hands in a second sink in the bathroom that is rarely used. It would not drain. Hours later I smelled a sewage odor and checked out the bathroom. The sink had drained, but when I pulled the shower curtain back I saw the sewage had come up into the tub from the drain. I plunged it a few times, and more came up from the drain and also out from behind the open/close lever under the faucet(sorry, have no idea what the real name is). Each plunge creates a gurgling in the pipes, but nothing more.

: Any idea what is happening? Please help!
ALAN: If the septic tank is "filling" right up and overflowing, this indicates a "plugged up field tile bed. The tile bed is where the effluent from the tank is supposed to go. If this tank has only been pumped once in 18 years, it has probably been sending SOLIDS,etc, to the field tile bed, thus plugging it up. A tank in some cases should be pumped every2-3 years.. A good working septic tank should never fill to the absolute top. The EXIT opening to the tile bed is located several inches below the tank's top. Your tank is full because the tile bed is not accepting any effluent. The only cure is to dig up the bed starting at the tanks exit and replace or unplug the tile (pipes). Good luck, Hube

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