4" submersible 2wire or 3 wire ?
Posted by Smokey on January 28, 2004 at 02:09:41:
With sons help and guidance from local store We are going to try to install a pump in new well for our
small 2 bath house We might want to run a sprinkler.
for small garden and will be thinking of selling before long as we are getting older and will need to be closer to town.We dont want to skimp on the project if it is better to put in a 3 wire we will do it. The hardware store guy says 2 wire pumps are ok for residential use on a 10 gpm 1/2 or 3/4 hp pump. He says that they dont need a franklin "control unit" (not sure of term) and they also are good for anti clog because they will reverse direction momentarily when going getts tough and kind of breakup a potential sand or grit clog. Assuming this is essentially correct why would one want a three wire pump which has the same ratings and costs more for the extra unit and needs extra wiring hassle and a dry place to install ( which I will have as I plan to put pressure tank next to pump on a concrete pad with a suitable shelter. ) What are the pros and cons between the 2 and 3 wire setups? Any advice would be appreciated. Info: static water level is 43 ft. about 2 feet climb and 80 ft to house Thank in advance , Smokey

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