We rest our case!
Posted by ED on January 27, 2004 at 17:32:54:
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We were merely trying to be helpful! All those polled - one finger and that from the elder statesman master plumber since the beginning of plumbing time "hj". That's a compliment, not a cut!

BTW- 10 minutes to disconnect eveything like new. Awww, c'mon! Oops case closed! Sorry.

We won't even address the framing-room requirements.

You DID make the best decision to call the plumber to hook up a "conventional" water closet.

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: Thanks...I called a plumber to install the proper toilet hook-ups after getting a few good reasons not do this. I know when I'm beat. The benefit of this type of forum is that you professionals can keep we do-it-yourselfers from doing dumb things.
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: : Just one reason for not doing it if that can convince you that we are not just being dogmatic. The water coming down the pipe from the upstairs toilets will push air in front of it causing a positive pressure. Your "in line vent" can only relieve a negative pressure caused by your urinal draining. The positive pressure could "blow" the water out of the urinal when a toilet upstairs is flushed, but at least it would not suck the water out also, which it could do without the AAV, Studor vent, or inline vent installed. The problem is that the public has the stereotype of the plumber being an overweight, uneducated, crack showing (or bikini panties according to one TV commercial) slob, who only knows that water flows downhill and payday is Friday. And since this is the total intelligence of the plumber, and because "anyone" can put two pieces of pipe together, they feel that anyone can do plumbing.

: : : : If by "maybe not the way the plumbers would do it" you mean "in violation of most plumbing codes", it's possible--the pipes will fit together the way you describe and the urine will probably flush down the drain instead of onto your feet. It's almost certainly illegal for several reasons others have already mentioned.

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: : : Geez...what a tough crowd...OK...it won't meet code...I suppose that's a good reason not to do it because I assume the UPC or IPC have some rational basis for the regulations...I just thought that perhaps somebody could explain it to me...and you know....the more I think about it...which is what I like to do...the hook-up would be nearly identical to the upstairs drains...they all run into the same stack...albeit at a 2" opening instead of the clean-out...but heck, that's not a real difference of any consequence. You see, when you aren't a plumber...and the plumbers can't give a rational explanation, just conclusions...it makes me think that maybe there really isn't anything "wrong" with it...might be in poor taste...might be different...etc. but it would work just fine. Yankee ingenuity isn't what it used to be. I guess I'll just call my plumber and have him put in a toilet. Thanks for all the friendly advice....

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