Re: Priming the Jet Pump
Posted by PJ on January 27, 2004 at 15:40:11:
In response to Re: Priming the Jet Pump
Thank you for the information. I will try the wire brush. Luckily before I managed to get the plug open, I tried the pump one more time and the bathroom sink faucet started flowing. The pump started pumping like always and soon all the other fixtures had running water as well. I assume the water in the pump must have been frozen and with the slightly warmed temperatures (and the furnace running on 80 the last two days) it all thawed out. The pump is fine and I didn't even get any burst pipes. So a lot of prayers and waiting it out worked out. But I will still try your ideas to get that plug out. There's always a next time when I will probably need to be able to prime the pump.

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