Heat pipe runs through Tub
Posted by Jim Hertzig on January 27, 2004 at 15:33:38:
I want to install a new bathtub in my second floor addition but the hot water baseboard heat runs through the old steel/enamel bathtub. The pipe runs behind the basin/bathing area and through the built in front skirt. The the hot water baseboard does a complete loop around the inside perimeter of the upstairs. Pipe that doesn't have heating fins is still enclosed in baseboard. I do not wish to run the pipe through the new tub but I'm not sure how to run it. IS there any reason I should not just drop the pipe into the floor and pop it up again to continue the loop?
IS it ok to just use 90 degree elbows or should I use 45's... to disturb the flow less? What size holes do you normally drill to run 3/4 copper heating pipe through? The old pipe looks like it might be ganvanized (house built 1956) but joints look sweated? Can this pipe be sweated to copper?

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