Re: Priming the Jet Pump
Posted by pw on January 27, 2004 at 13:18:43:
In response to Re: Priming the Jet Pump

It should be the larger square plug on the top of the housing, not the smaller plug(s) lower on the housing that are for draining. Your problem is most likely rust. You may want to wire brush the exposed threads as they go into the housing and apply some penetrating oil letting is set for a few hours. You may need a larger pipe or monkey wrench, just be sure the pump housing is supported so you don't put undue stress on other fittings as you pull. In extreme cases it may require some heat, best know what you are doing before you try that.

: I know where to add the water to prime the pump and I know how to prime it. I just can't get the little square plug out. Can anyone give me a few good ideas? I have been without the pump since yesterday morning and hate to call out a plumber just for this. Is there a special tool I should have/get? A regular wrench and a ratchet have not been successful. Thanks in advance.

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