Re: Rusty water - pinpointed- bleed hot H2O heater
Posted by Deb on January 27, 2004 at 10:29:10:
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: I have rusty hot water, and I was thinking it was mainly the kitchen. You all gave me great suggestions, but when I checked the pipes, they were copper, and the kitchen faucet was not the source. Last week I ran the hot water for so long that when I took a shower later on, the water was orange. I think that it's got to be the hot water heater. Now I saw some posts about bleeding it. How do I do that? It was here when I moved in.

You have misunderstood something somewhere.

You can drain and flush the water heater, but I would be suspecting that you have some old galvanized piping that is causing this and flushing the water heater will probably not help. You can, however, try.
The Pipewench

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