Re: Waste Line Replaced and still backing up update and ???
Posted by GregO on January 27, 2004 at 09:55:37:
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Sorry to hear about your problem. Your frustration is understandable, but take comfort in the fact that your new drain line shouldn't cause any problems anytime soon. Unfortunately, you need to obain a competent plumber to better inspect and evaluate your drain/waste/vent system, using a camera to identify the problem(s). It may take some time, but it will be worth it to have a complete evaluation to hopefully solve this problem.
: This is an update and more questions re: the post below about the waste line that was replaced.

: To summarize, 2 weeks ago our waste line from our house (built in the 30's) to the street was replaced once it was discovered there was severe deterioration due to roots, and oof course the backup problems that go along with it.

: Over this weekend, our toilet started gurgling again as it was when we were originally having problems. Today, my wife ran a load of laundry and the toilet and sewage overflowed from our bathroom into our house. It ruined our hall carpet runner. Thankfully we have hardwood floors and not carpet. It was a b**** to clean up.

: We contacted the plumber who replaced our line and they came out to have a look. Their new conclusion is that the line from the toilet to where the new line was replaced is full of roots and will also have to be replaced. Why did they not realize this in the first place? Now we are expected to pay $$ again for rental equipment/etc. when it should have been fixed all at once?

: This is put very basically, but I am quite frustrated because we called a professional to fix a problem and to provide a service (problem - sewage line backup). Three thousand dollars later (which is a lot of $$ for us, and all on credit card), we are overjoyed because we think this is the end of the wretched plumbing problems for us. Now, the line backs up, ruins our carpet, and causes a big headache.

: Though this may sound irrational, I feel like we paid 3k to a pro who said they would fix our problem, and it was not fixed. Moreover, now we will have to pay even more $$ to fix a problem that we thought was fixed in the first place. I feel like I've been duped. A trusting consumer who honestly does not know the first thing about plumbing hands someone $$ and says "fix my problem" and it's still not fixed.

: What is the solution? Is it irrational to think this way? Do we have any other options? What would you do? We do not have the $$ to pay for a problem that we thought was already fixed!!

: Thanks in advance for any advice/opinions/help, etc. It is greatly appreciated.

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