Re: Pressure balance with Circulating Pump.
Posted by hj on January 26, 2004 at 23:24:50:
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A circulating pump does not change the pressure. Why would you want a circulating pump on the cold water, and if you did it would also not change the pressure balance, but you would still need the pressure balancing valve with, or without, the circulator pumps. All they do is keep the water in the system at a fairly constant temperature, but pressure imbalances, with the attendant temperature fluctuations, will still occur under specific flow conditions.

: Hello,
: My question is a slight bit unusual and technical(not really). The questions is in regards to a remodel project in a 100 room motel. The property is about 15 years old. What I would like to know is:

: Will a recirculating pump maintain constant pressure? This pump is only on the hot water side; currently

: Do I need AntiScald Valves if I have two recirculating pumps; one for the hot line and the other for the cold line.?

: How do I know if the current valve mixer is anti-scald or not.?

: Thanks in advance

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