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Posted by Keith on January 26, 2004 at 22:55:53:
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Dear Deb, my slip fit tub spout just leaked everywhere. How are these Moen Asceri diveerters supposed to be properly assembled to the copper to prevent leakage? There is a screw and a hole for an allen wrench. Inside is just a white plastic ring for around the pipe. Do I use pipe dope or anything?

: : I installed a new shower mixing value(bathroom remodel) and I am getting ready to extend a piece of 1/2" pipe for the tub spout. Any words of advice on how to measure the exact length that I should extend the pipe so the spout will fit snug once the wall and tile is installed?

: : I am using 1/2" male threaded fitting at the end of the copper pipe. Copper pipe is the way to go here as well correct?

: : Thanks in advance.

: I would install a slip fit diverter spout, if I had copper out of the wall. I'm not crazy about screwing a tub spout onto a copper adapter when I have no way to hold onto the copper that I am attaching to. It's fairly easy to twist the copper, especially trying to get that last little bit of turn so the spout is straight...
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