Re: frozen drainage line?
Posted by e-plumber on January 26, 2004 at 20:22:25:
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: Hi,
: I'm about at my wits end. My house was built in 1985-86 and is on a slab. At least three times since Nov, I've had backup into my tub/toilet(and this time bathroom sink) never kitchen sink. Now as the last time it was extremely cold temps. I'm suspecting that something freezes as those two times after a day or two the tub/toilet drained and was ok. This time its not moving but its still freezing outside. What can I do as I've never had these kind of problems during previous winters?
: Thanks,
: Neelie

There is not much you can do about it. A licensed plumber may be able to help you out of this jam. When the line does finally thaw or when the water starts to flow, have the drain professionally cleaned. There is probably a restriction or partial clog.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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