Posted by Mitch on January 26, 2004 at 18:45:35:
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My father used to be in the flooring business and I'm sure I worked with a lot of this stuff when I helped him on jobs as a teenager. Are you sure it is really tile with asbestos? I would hate to advise anyone, but if they are coming to install on Saturday you don't have much time. Can you just remove the metal stair nosings and let them carpet right over the tile. The carpet pad goes down first and is usually stapled down. Will they be doing the stairs singly or one continuous runner? Will they use tackless stripping along sides and at back of the stair where it meets the riser? Finally, if the tiles are loose, and come off easily, you would probably not raise up too much dust. If the tiles are glued down solidly, warming them up with a heat gun (be careful) may soften up the glue and allow wasy removal with little or no dust. I just removed my entire kitchen floor last week which I was almost 100% sure was vinyl asbestos no-wax tile. We used a stiff scraper with abevel edge. Therewas some dust, but it's gone now and I donb't have to think about it anymore. They used asbestos in a lot of stuff in our homes. A lot of drywall compound had asbestos in the powder. The only way to be sure is to have the stuff tested by a lab.

: I have 12 stairs in my new (or should i say newly purchased but built around 1950) house with the small asbestos tiles (with metal stripping along the edges as well.) In order to have carpet put on the stairs I was told by the installer who came to do the measure that I need to remove the tiles myself?? Everywhere I read it screams "DONT DO IT YOURSELF" but it seems to be my only option.
: Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I wear gloves and a surgical mask? Can I get sick from doing only these 12 steps?
: Please help carpet being installed this Saturday.
: Thanks!

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