Waste Line Replaced But Problems Persist
Posted by Brian on January 26, 2004 at 10:43:20:
I own a house built in the 1930s. I recently spent $3,000 to have the waste line from my house to the street replaced. Before my toilet bubbled and gurgled everytime the washing machine or the shower was used. The clay pipe running to the main line was extremely damaged by roots. After it was replaced I thought my problems were over.

However, now (2-3 weeks after replacing the the pipe) the toilet is back to gurgling again! It is slow to flush, etc. Just like it was before the line was replaced.

I was told by the plumber who did the work that it may be a problem in the main line in the street as well. He even had some folks from the City come look at it. They said that the main line in the street was fairly new but that my line connected to part of the OLD pipe which then connected to the new. They said if there was a problem with the old pipe that it was my responsbility! This does not seem right to me. Afterall, what I am supposed to do to have it fixed? Have the street dug up? I pay taxes for the maintenance of infrastructure in the public right of way so I have a hard time seeing how fixing this would be my responsibility.

Anyway, has anyone else ever heard of this type of situation? Also, I was wondering if i could have a blocked vent? Do houses built in the 30s usually have vents? There are a lot of pecan trees over our house so I was wondering if they could be clogged. But in the 4 or 5 times we've had a plumber come out to snake the line (before we could afford to have the whole line replaced), no one has ever gone on top of the roof to snake the vent, if there is one.

I appreciate any help.

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