More on the urinal in the basement
Posted by Rford on January 26, 2004 at 10:42:08:
I am reposting this because I really think this is what I want and the "answers" I am getting have sort of left me thinking that it is possible but maybe not the way the plumbers would do it. I want to put a urinal in a basement. I don't have any existing plumbing fixtures and don't want to install a toilet, just a urinal. This is a shop area and its just for me....the basement is bascially unfinished but has been partitioned by a typical stick-built wall. I figured I could hang a urinal on wall and run its drain downhill into the stack's clean-out by replacing the clean-out plug with a plastic plug with a hole cut in it or some other cobbled up deal. I think I can vent it and I have a water source. I am probably going to die in this house so if it is a resale issue that will be my son's, it would take about ten minutes to unhook the thing, patch the wall, and you'd never know it was there. Sure looks like it would work to me.

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