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Posted by hj on January 25, 2004 at 21:35:36:
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That is not a side inlet "Y", it is a side inlet combination Y-1/8 bend and as such the tub inlet is not vented properly because the actual vent "opening" is below the inlet to the fitting. But it is academic, since I doubt that you would ever find one unless it was special ordered and might take months before they made it for you.

: : I have never seen a side inlet wye....
: : This is not okay. Can you use a street 90 out of the closet flange and a street 90 out of the bottom of the side inlet tee and use a test tee for a clean out on the vertical vent above the floor or in the horizontal on the drainage line?
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

: I hadn't seen one either (and the way things are going I might not!) but I am posting the picture from the Charlotte Pipe catalog.

: I'm not sure there's enough room for your solution, but it's a great idea and I'll check it out.

: I'm trying to understand what exactly is wrong with the configuration shown in #2. Without the shower, it would be fine, right? The toilet drain is vertically vented by the vent stack.
: I'm not sure I understand the difference between the shower trap arm entering the high side of the wye, or the high side of the san tee a foot higher.

: Thanks again...I'm not trying to argue, just to learn the finer points of the code...your feedback is very helpful!

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