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Posted by hj on January 25, 2004 at 21:27:30:
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All the fixtures need vents and the existing drain pipe cannot be used for your vent. The water draining from the upper level can cause a positive pressure in the new drain system and an AAV cannot handle positive pressures.

: I'm adding a basement bath (toilet, shower & sink) and need to know venting requiements.

: There is a first floor half bath above that vents through the roof. So right now there are two fixtures on this stack. The bath I am adding is directly below. The toilet will be 1' from the stack, shower will be 3' and sink 4'.

: Do all three of these fixtures need to be vented? Is AAV a good choice? If vent is required I need some help with the toilet. The toilet will sit almost directly over the existing horizontal line making a vent difficult since it will not run horizontal and the is almost no verical room. The only thing I see working is a sanitary tee with a inlet.

: Thanks for any advice.

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