Re: Unconventional toilet vent.
Posted by hj on January 25, 2004 at 21:24:41:
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One problem with it, besides being completely illegal, is that since it exits the house in a horizontal direction, wind from that direction will cause a positive pressure in the drain system.

: I recently bought a house with an apartment over the attached garage. The plumbing in the bathroom seems to have been done by an amateur, and one item in particular has me concerned.

: The 4" vent stack for the toilet begins normally enough, but at about four feet in height, instead of continuing straight up and through the roof (which is just a few feet higher), it instead is attached to a piece of 4" flexible vent pipe (picture a dryer vent), which goes through a storage space and out the end wall of the house.

: Am I correct in thinking that this is inadequate, and that the vent stack needs to continue up through the roof?

: Thanks in advance!

: Brian

: P.S. Although the sink is tied in to this vent line, I can't figure out where the shower drain is tied in. Do showers need vents like sinks and toilets?

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