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Posted by Bruce on January 25, 2004 at 16:36:07:
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: : I replaced my bathroom sink pop up drain assembly and can't stop it from leaking. The water seems to be coming through the threads at the top of the assembly. Should I use teflon tape to fix this?

: I recently installed 4 sinks (American Standard) with Moen faucets (Villeta series) with a pop up. Well 3 out of 4 leaked. One had the same problem you mentioned with water leaking through the thread. I used plumber's tape to fix that. But 1 is still leaking between the rubber seal and the sink and I can't get that to stop for the life of me.

: The thing I can't figure out is, where does the water tha falls between the drain and the holes that appear on the side of the drain pipe that slides into the sink go? Does it remain in their until it dries up (mind you that is the water that is leaking from the bottom seal in my case) or does it stay there and eventually cause an odour to appear.

Crud...sorry for the blank post...I was experiencing the same problem with the bathroom sink drain. I used some pipe dope (TPE, I think...whatever the stuff we're supposed to use with copper/water) and put in on the threads before putting on the rubber gasket (where the gasket would finally wind up) and then a little more around the flange where the washer and nut were going to be. That seems to have stopped it nicely.

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