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Posted by Gary Slusser on January 25, 2004 at 13:26:30:
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: Hi, I recently moved to a rural house serviced by a well. There was an older submersible system on the well which eventually went so we replaced the tank, switch and pump last weekend. We have a 50/30 switch with our new tank pressure adjusted to 28lbs. For a week, the system has work flawlessly. This morning my wife calls and says we have no water at all. I ask her to go check the breaker on the well and see if there is water at the well itself. She says the breakers are fine and she even tripped them to be sure. No water and nop noise comming from the pump. The only thing that happened during the install is my brother , with his headstrong "I know it all attitude" wired it wrong while I was attending to an urgent matter. Once he did and turned on the breaker, nothing..or so he says. I caught his error and rewired it. It immediatly began working properly. He haqd interchanged the ground wire with a power wire while hooking the pump side to the switch. Now I worried that he really messed it up but if it was damaged by that act, would it have done so well all week long? I monitored it after the fact and made sure it was cutting in and out properly and it was. Am I about to go home and find that his carelessness has cost me a pump or could the damage be at the switch? Thats not as an expensive item to replace. I soldered my connections to the new pump, double heatshrinked them and then taped them tightly. Could switching those wires have cause the switch to kick out or could it have done damage down at the pump?

My guess is the pump isn't getting power, or correct pwoer and I suspect "double heatshrinked" has something to do with that. Why do you think done right has to be reinvented?

It sounds as if your relative wired it up 120 instead of 240. I kinda doubt that is the cause of it not working now.

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